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Africa and Africans in National, Regional and Global Dimensions 14th International African Studies Conference (Moscow, October 17-20, 2017)

17 octobre 2017 @ 8 h 00 min - 20 octobre 2017 @ 17 h 00 min


Today the old and new actors of the world economy have engaged into tough geo-economic and geo-political scramble for Africa. The apple of discord are natural resources, growing markets, human resources, and the sympathy of the most rapidly growing continent. Political gains also matter as they add to economic co-operation with Africa. African states make up almost one forth of the voting members in the UN and other organizations. Their support is an important strategic reserve in the global diplomatic arena, vital for the establishment of a joint force in the process of restructuring existing institutions, mechanisms and structures of global governance, change the balance of power in the world. The economic weight of Africa is on the rise. Over the last twothee years, major think tanks, consulting and rating agencies, investment banks and research centres from a range of countries have repeatedly stated that the 21st century will see Africa as the most rapidly developing region, region that will define the pattern and the growth rate of developed countries. This will also have a bearing on the issues of raw materials, energy resources and human capital. The penetration into African markets and the synergy between the Old World and Africa is one and only, if any, option for Europe to retain its geopolitical weight and keep living standards on the same level in the 21st century. For China, Russia and other BRICS countries as well as the US both resources and geopolitics rank high on the national agenda, which makes it a must to co-operate with Africa. In recent years, Africa has no longer been considered as a backward region on the periphery of the world. Globalization accounted for a rapid growth of size, diversity, inter-connectedness and inter-dependence at the level of state and people-to-people alike. This resulted in a shift in the world economy, with countries swapping their roles and inequality being fossilized as a new global economic model takes shape.


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17 octobre 2017 @ 8 h 00 min
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20 octobre 2017 @ 17 h 00 min
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