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Conference: Unlocking Africa’s Financing Potential

17 novembre 2014

The African economy has performed well in recent years. Its macroeconomic framework has been improved and its growth prospects are very promising. But its financial system remains largely dominated by the banking system.

However, financial systems are generally illiquid, very short-term or very expensive. Without sufficient long-term resources, this system is struggling to adequately finance economic development. Companies remain heavily dependent on bank financing.

To stimulate economies, the central banks of African countries have only had the creation of stock exchanges as a string to their bow, thus infusing life-saving liquidity into their economic activities.

How can the infrastructure of stock exchanges be modernised to improve their liquidity, attractiveness and international positioning?

On the theme « Stock Exchanges, or alternative financing of sub-Saharan French-speaking African economies: The case of Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire », this conference provided an opportunity to take stock and raise issues with a view to increasing the impact of this financial market on the financing dynamics of Africa’s economies.

In the presence of:

Mr Mathurin DOUMBE, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Société Générale de Banques au Cameroun

Jean Baptiste HARELIMANA, Coordinator of the IAM Economics Department, Moderator

Download the full argument

Download the presentation of the intervention

To go further:

How to strengthen financial integration in Africa? Review of the Banque de France – Ferdi conference to take stock.

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17 novembre 2014
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