International development, public and private governance & financing

The objective of this cluster should be to provide food for thought on the paths of economic, social and cultural development in Africa. It is up to Africa to develop its own models, if necessary by drawing all the lessons from the difficulties encountered by the development models implemented by the West since the industrial revolution (widening social inequalities, ecological impasse of a consumer-based society model, etc.). The digital revolution, population growth, globalization and the specific characteristics of the continent require a paradigm shift. Naturally, the issue of governance in Africa, both politically and economically, will have to be addressed and although it is not expressly mentioned in the title of the cluster, it will also be up to the cluster to examine and highlight even more clearly the links between development and peace.

Responsible: Olivier Cuperlier – assisted by Hongbing Yang

Members: Manga Kuoh, Claude Musavyi, Amana priso Lyna-Laure