The universal at the test of religious pluralism in Africa

The Pan-African Centre for Social Foresight (CPPS) in Porto-Novo (Benin), created by Mr Albert Tévéodjéré, sponsor of the IAM, is launching an initiative similar to a city where the voodoo temple faces the cathedral, both a short distance from a mosque : the Initiative for Education for Peace and Development through Islamic-Christian and Interreligious Dialogue. The IAM supports this initiative, which will be implemented in 2015, because, contrary to the extremism that is ravaging certain regions of the Continent, it expresses the profound intention of the ways of living together that Africans have promoted so far, and as expressed by such different personalities as Bishop Sotigi Penda Mori Sidibé in Mali, or Amadou Hampâté Bâ.

In the analysis note below, François Xavier Akono reminds us that what unites religions is the recognition of women and men as human beings, in a dialogue that feeds and nourishes otherness. Hence Senegal’s proverb : the human is the cure for man. It is only by drawing inspiration from this founding spirituality, this fraternity, that we can dream of reconciliation.

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