"Audacity, the only challenge for a new Africa"

The Institut Afrique Monde welcomes you. It is a "Think Tank" created in Paris in October 2013, with an office in Côte d'Ivoire set up in 2014, which has set itself the mission of being an independent and apolitical think tank with the aim of:

  • to make Africa's dynamism and potential known to as many people as possible through a better understanding of its society, culture and economy, from both a historical and a contemporary perspective,
  • to position itself as a body for reflection, analysis and debate, proposing innovative and bold ideas for the development of a peaceful Africa, open to the world, with a point of view to defend on what happens,
  • to encourage and implement initiatives that aim to improve the lives of men and women on the African continent.

Africa is considered as the continent of the future. We provide you with publications about the African continent, its subjects and its future.

Secularism and interreligious dialogue: crossed views in France and West Africa

Click here to download the PDF version of the synthesis Teaching of religion, secularism and interreligious dialogue: crossed views in France and West Africa. Chat on June 21, 2019 organized by the Africa World Institute Synthesis written by Mrs Diaby Aminata Speakers : Dr René NOUAILHAT, Professor of Universities, historian of religions, founder of...

Tontine, an economic vector of solidarity and entrepreneurship

African tontines: a phenomenon as widespread in Africa as it is unknown in Europe 9 December 2006: Neighbourhood tontine in Niamakoro, Bamako, Mali Jeanne Semin, L’argent, la famille, les amies: ethnographie contemporaine des tontines africaines en contexte migratoire. To fully understand the importance of tontines, it is necessary to start from one observation: in...


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